TTC Journey with Laurel Fertility Care

The Little Family

Our journey began in 2019. We were newlyweds ready to start a family and believed that like many of our friends, we’d be pregnant very soon. To our surprise, month after month passed and nothing was happening. We began to worry that perhaps something was wrong. I was 33 and knew that my age could be a factor so at around 11 months of trying we decided to make an appt with my OB/GYN and get started with testing. Both my husband and I were tested and everything came back as “normal,” but our doctor decided that we should start with medicated IUI’s. After 4 unsuccessful IUI’s and feeling a sense of urgency, we decided to explore options for IVF.

We conducted many hours of research and after comparing pregnancy rates for our age group with various clinics in California we believed Laurel Fertility Care would give us the highest chance of success. We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Smikle and from the very first appointment he was super optimistic and said he would get us pregnant. His confidence gave us so much hope and we were thrilled to get started. 

Things moved relatively quickly after this and before we knew it we were done with our egg retrieval and our PGT testing. We were so blessed to get four PGT “normal” embryos from the ten eggs that were retrieved. 

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to get my body ready for transfer using normal IVF protocol Dr. Smikle switched up my protocol to a natural modified transfer and my body finally was ready! 

On September 11, 2021 we transferred our best graded 4AA embryo and 10 days later got a positive BETA. We were so excited and couldn’t believe we were successful on our very first try!

On June 7, 2022 we delivered a healthy baby boy, Bryce Christopher Little. Our biggest little blessing!

We truly believe we wouldn’t have had the same success that we did had we gone with another clinic and doctor. Dr. Smikle and his staff were amazing and always made us feel heard and welcomed at each appointment. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and we’re so thankful for Laurel Fertility for giving us our miracle baby.