Treatment Options

Have you been trying to get pregnant for more than six months or longer? You are not alone.

It is estimated that 1 out of 7 couples have difficulty conceiving a child.

Time continues to march on as we go about our lives and for a woman time is the critical factor in having a baby. The sooner a patient begins treatment the better the chances of having a family. Delaying this important decision decreases your chances of becoming pregnancy and may result in more complex therapies than the ones available to you today.

Laurel Fertility Care has many treatments options for couples to consider to help you become pregnant. What’s right for you? Your age, health, and family goals are key ingredients in determining the choices available to you. Our doctors will explain all the options and work with you to find the simplest and most effective treatment that will lead to a successful pregnancy.





Laurel Fertility Care will provide a personalized plan for you to address your individual situation. If you would like to discuss the IVF procedure or have questions, please give us a call at (415) 673-9199. We are happy to answer your questions.