5 Tips for Traveling with Fertility Medication

Traveling with fertility medication isn’t as challenging as you may think, so here are 5 tips to consider before you pack you book your ticket:

1. Thoroughly Check Your Schedule

Depending on what kind of fertility treatments or procedures you’re currently involved with, you may have a strict schedule to follow in terms of monitoring appointments and egg retrieval dates. For instance, in vitro fertilization (IVF) requires many in-house sessions to ensure healthy follicle stimulation and egg development. Plus, special consideration must be taken when calculating exact times of ovulation to increase the odds of a successful extraction.

With this is mind, it’s always a good idea to triple-check your schedule and correspond with your fertility specialist before making any arrangements.

2. Get a Note from Your Doctor

While you’re making sure that your next trip lines up with your future appointments, you should also ask your fertility specialist for a doctor’s note that you can share with your airline or other travel service before getting everything squared away.

The last thing you want is to be told that you can’t travel with certain medications or supplies, especially since everything is so expensive! Keep yourself ahead of the curve and make sure you have all your bases covered.

3. Learn Your Airline’s Policies

A doctor’s note may keep you in good standing, but just to be sure, consult with your booking agent or a customer service representative to know exactly what your airline service will allow you to travel with. Since you may be storing various medications and syringes, learning how to handle them with respect to certain guidelines will eliminate the risk of any setbacks. Typically, airlines are pretty flexible if you inform them upfront, so make the call and give them the rundown.

4. Know How to Store Your Medication

Remember, all of your medications require special instructions regarding storage. For example, certain injectible medications must be stored in a chilled environment, whereas a medication like Endometrin must be maintained at room temperature. Whatever the case may be, use your best judgement and take measures to handle them accordingly.

If you have to bring a round of IVF medications, pack a small, insulated bag that you can also outfit with an ice pack to keep things cool until you can properly store them elsewhere. For less demanding medications, use a different bag that you can easily access and store somewhere safe. It may even be a good idea to have a third bag specifically for other necessary supplies, such as alcohol wipes, gauze pads, syringes, and a sharps container for proper disposal.

Aside from reading the care instructions with each medication, feel free to consult with your fertility specialist and ask for advice. In addition, here is a helpful link that explains the storage instructions for many fertility medications.

5. Keep Your Medications in Your Carry-On

Lastly, once you’ve got everything in place, make sure to always keep your medications stored in your carry-on bag. Placing valuable and sensitive medications in a checked bag increases the odds of something going wrong: theft, misplacement, damage, etc.

Your carry-on bag is the safest place for them since you and your partner can frequently check them and maintain any issues that arise.

Plan Ahead with Laurel Fertility Care

The stress from undergoing fertility treatments can certainly be overwhelming, but taking a trip is a great way to unwind and restore your energy for the road ahead. Laurel Fertility Care wants you to know that your travel plans are always supported, and our team of fertility specialists are here for you every step of the way to answer questions and give you helpful advice.

If you’re getting ready to take a trip soon, following the tips above will make a positive difference. To address any questions or concerns you may have, schedule a consultation with one of our providers.