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Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

Are you a younger woman who is sure she wants children but can’t imagine having them now? Or are you facing an illness that may render you unable to have biological children but would like to preserve that chance? Then you might want to look into freezing your eggs. In recent years this has become […]

How Much Does Egg Freezing Cost?

Today, many women are choosing to freeze their eggs and save them for a later point in life. Whether it has to do with health reasons, establishing a career, or finding the right partner, egg freezing has become a viable option to help prepare for the future and seize it when the time is right.

Planning for the Future: Safe Egg and Embryo Freezing and Storage

Deciding to start or grow your family now or in the future is an important and very personal choice. If you are preserving your eggs or embryos because you are not quite ready to start a family, or because you are facing a diagnosis or medical treatments that may compromise your future fertility, preserving your […]