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September Baby of the Month: Meet Bailey

Bernard and I have known each since we were 16 and 19 years old. We fell in love at a very young age and knew we had something special but could not act on it because we were just too young. In 2017, we rekindled our love and were both truly ready to start a […]

August Babies of the Month – Meet Valley & Valentina

The Best Journey of My Life When I turned 42 and after buying my house and establishing my business, I decided to have children as a single mom. Laurel Fertility Care and Dr. Smikle came highly recommended by a client of mine and since the first consultation he made me feel very welcome and comfortable. […]

July Babies of the Month: Meet Wyatt & Waylon

We were married in 2004, just a few months after graduating from college. While we were not actively focused on building a family right away, we weren’t doing anything to avoid it. After about one year of not, not trying, we became a little more focused. The idea that we wouldn’t get pregnant was completely […]

June Baby of the Month – Meet Yuna

Like many couples today, we found each other later in life, at the ripe ages of 34 and 38. We discussed the desire to have a family early on in our dating, but didn’t want the pressure of rushing a new relationship along just to have children before our fertile years came to a close. […]

May Baby of the Month – Meet Ethan

In 2015 we were blessed with our first daughter. We conceived without complications, after only a month. When it came time for our second, it never crossed our minds that things would be different. But when one month turned into six months, and then turned into a year of negative pregnancy tests, we sought help.   […]

April Babies of the Month – Meet Francisco & Fernanda

After nine years of being with my husband we finally talked about having kids.  For six months we tried to get pregnant and were not successful. My OB/GYN started doing a bunch of tests to find out why I was not getting pregnant and discovered that both of my fallopian tubes were closed. My doctor […]

March Baby of the Month – Meet Israel

After having many years and challenges getting pregnant on my own, we were highly recommended to Laurel Fertility, Dr. Smikle and Dr. Ekpo. Their staff made me feel comfortable and we were relieved that we finally found a team that really took care of me. After our second try, we are over the moon and […]

February Baby of the Month – Meet Kadence

In 2016 we gave birth to our first daughter, after conceiving without complications.  When we decided to expand our family the following year, we automatically assumed that we could have another uneventful, healthy pregnancy and delivery.  The thought of infertility never crossed our minds. After months and months of negative pregnancy tests, we decided in […]

January Baby of the Month – Meet Hayes

Our journey began last year in 2019, as my husband and I celebrated our first-year wedding anniversary, we started talking about trying to have kids. I have had a long history of amenorrhea and PCOS from working out so much so I knew that getting pregnant might be a little difficult. My husband and I […]

December Baby of the Month – Meet Quinn

Our infertility journey started after trying naturally for eight months and having extremely irregular cycles. I had been on birth control for ten years prior to this so I didn’t know I had irregular cycles until I got off and was going 60-100+ days without my period. This makes it extremely difficult to “try” and […]