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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As you make the decision to pursue fertility care, we are continuing measures to keep us all safe, we know that you trust and depend on us to provide such a personal and essential service.  The Laurel Fertility Care team continues to rely heavily on universal masking, physical distancing, limiting social interactions and frequent sanitizing […]

January Baby of the Month – Meet Hayes

Our journey began last year in 2019, as my husband and I celebrated our first-year wedding anniversary, we started talking about trying to have kids. I have had a long history of amenorrhea and PCOS from working out so much so I knew that getting pregnant might be a little difficult. My husband and I […]

All About Egg & Embryo Donation

Laurel Fertility Care is here to provide you with some helpful insights into the donor egg and embryo process and what you can expect to face. Nothing should prevent you from having the family of your dreams and preparing yourselves for any obstacles along the way will ensure that you’re ready for anything. Before examining the […]

December Baby of the Month – Meet Quinn

Our infertility journey started after trying naturally for eight months and having extremely irregular cycles. I had been on birth control for ten years prior to this so I didn’t know I had irregular cycles until I got off and was going 60-100+ days without my period. This makes it extremely difficult to “try” and […]

Baby of the Month

November Baby of the Month – Meet Sanai When I met my husband, I was a divorced mother of 4 boys. My husband knew I had no interest in having any more children and yet he still wanted to take the for-life challenge. He went from being a bachelor to stepdad in a matter of […]

Fertility Preservation

As of 2012, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine stated that egg freezing is no longer considered an experimental procedure and is an acceptable treatment option.  Cryopreservation of eggs, embryos and sperm allow patients to protect their future fertility.  The two most common reasons patients choose cryopreservation are lifestyle choices and medical necessity. Medical Necessity […]

We Are Open. Fertility Treatment Has Resumed.

Dear LFC Family, As you make the decision to resume fertility care, we want to share what we are doing to keep us all safe, as we know that you trust and depend on us to provide such a personal and essential service. The team at Laurel Fertility Care is so happy to be seeing patients […]


Dear LFC family, Life as we know it has been upended in the last two months by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us have been sick or lost friends, family members, while others have lost jobs. For our unique patient population, treatment cycles were cancelled or delayed, putting a pause on dreams of growing families. […]