“We felt so comfortable the staff was amazing got great news and are ready to start our journey.  Dr. Smikle was absolutely great can’t wait for the process to begin and we are so hopeful and have faith he has our best interest at heart and cannot wait.   Love Dr. Smikle and the staff we would absolutely recommend this fertility Clinic.”

Valerie V., April 19, 2017

“My OBGYN recommended Laurel Fertility Care, as opposed to UCSF.  He said I would get more personalized attention and more intimate care than at UCSF.  And he was right!   Dr. Smikle and his staff were outstanding, start to finish.  I have already recommended Laurel Fertility to several of my friends.”

Sondra O., February 16, 2017 

“I wish there were a rare option to grant more than 5 stars. The LFC team are exceptional. Dr. Smikle and team treated me through the egg freezing process. Starting with my initial phone consult, which was with Dr. Smikle, himself, everything the team did made me feel like my health and progress were top priority. The team coached me through a hormonal treatment schedule across an already demanding and chaotic travel and work schedule, and we achieved exceptional results. Any concern or question I had throughout the process was swiftly addressed. I cannot say enough good things about this practice and feel incredibly grateful to have gone through this process with every individual there.”

Christina B., February 12, 2017 

“Dr. Ekpo and her team are great.  From the very beginning I felt like I was talking with a friend when I spoke with Dr. Ekpo.  She was very personable and knowledgeable and never seemed to pressure me into anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with.  I felt like I was well taken care of, especially when it came close to egg retrieval time.  The Dr. saw me multiple times leading up the “day” just to make sure we had the timing perfect.  

“Fertility treatments are very expensive, as you can imagine and Dr. Ekpo did a great job helping me navigate what the expenses were and how to get the required medicine in the most economical way.  I can only imagine that some doctors would just give you a list (without alternatives listed) and tell you to go out and buy them.  Dr. Ekpo walked me through what each medicine was and what an alternative to that medication could be to lower the prices.  

“Fertility treatments also can be a bit daunting when it comes to using said medication.  The nurse practitioner, Francesca, was absolutely the best when it came to helping me understand how to do everything.  She was so kind and so patient, that it became less and less scary.  After leaving ever session with her, I honestly felt like hugging her 🙂

“Everyone that I encountered while being treated at Laurel was absolutely amazing and I would recommend (and have recommended) them to friends.  AND because of their great care and dedication, I was able to successfully become pregnant!  THANK YOU LAUREL!!!”

Stef R., January 10, 2017

“I don’t even know where to start. Dr. Smikle and the team at Laurel Fertility Care have become like family. The care we received while trying to become a family was second to none. What was awesome about Dr. Smikle, was that every cycle he did something different so we were never doing the same thing twice that didn’t work.  Our journey was a long one, but Dr. Smikle and the Laurel team NEVER gave up and they were always positive! 

“When we finally became pregnant, it was such an amazing feeling to celebrate with the Laurel team and Dr. Smikle. From the front desk to the nurses (Francesca, Donna, Mirleni to name a few), everybody was supportive. Lana is also absolutely wonderful to be around. I like to think of her as the joy of Laurel! We are Fresno patients, but I always was excited to see Lana in SF. I would also like to say that Dr. Marlene Angle and her team, especially Devon were wonderful during our transfers. 

“If you are from Fresno and struggling with the fact that the main office is in San Francisco, let me put your mind at ease. Dr. Smikle is great at scheduling you with the least amount of trips as possible to the City. And when you do go, it such a great experience it’s worth it! (I suggest the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway across the street if you stay!) 

“So happy we had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful team of Laurel Fertility and are so grateful for their part in helping us achieve our dream of starting a family :)”

Bethany G., November 30, 2016

“I have been hoping I would be a lucky patient and have the success to write a glowing review of Laurel Fertility Care!! Dr. Ekpo, Francesca, Mirleni and all the staff here are the kindest group to support you when you are going through a difficult time like this! They felt like family every step of the way! Everything was efficient and on schedule. They were responsive and you felt like they were on your team the entire time. I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and a blocked fallopian tube. I am 34 and started IVF in January 2016. After three failed implantations, the fourth was a success! I am 8 weeks pregnant, September of 2016 so still early, but all looks great so far!

“I just want to spread the word as soon as possible on how wonderful Dr. Ekpo is! I feel very lucky to know her and will go back for my second child (fingers crossed this first one continues to work out!)”  

Ann K., September 8, 2016

“Dr. Smikle at Laurel Fertility Center and his staff were a godsend to us as we began contemplating IVF treatment. Now, just a year after our very first visit, my wife gave birth to a very healthy baby boy and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of fertility providers.

“Dr. Smikle and his optimistic nature helped put my wife at ease during the very first consultation and we never looked back. Unlike other centers which focus solely on metrics and results, Dr. Smikle really took time to get to know us and provided the most genuine and pragmatic feedback. He is highly experienced and everything seemed to pan out just as he had predicted all along.

“The staff at Laurel Fertility Center is also very amazing. Everybody from billing, to the front receptionists, to the nurses – we could not have been happier. They were available to us around the clock as things came up and we needed additional guidance on in-home injections. They even provided us with extra samples when we ran short on supplies. We really felt like we were working with caring friends, not just a medical care center.

“My wife and I could not have made a better decision. We know we are in good hands and we look forward to working with Laurel Fertility and the team again very soon.

“We did genetic testing and I highly recommend this as well! Good luck to all you future moms!”


Amandeep A., September 2, 2016