Suggested Pharmacies

Find the right source for Fertility Medications

We understand that medications can be a large part of the cost of your fertility treatment. That is why we have partnered with the following specialty pharmacies in order to obtain the most competitive pricing for our patients.

Recommended Pharmacies

Alto Pharmacy’s fertility team has supported more than 50,000 fertility journeys with personalized support and affordable access to the medications that are key to your treatment plan. Alto works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to provide a better fertility pharmacy experience, with pharmacist-led injection training, thoughtfully packaged supplies and ancillaries, insurance benefits coordination, and financing support.

When it comes to the time-sensitive nature of fertility medications, being local matters. Alto’s neighborhood pharmacy team provides free same-day courier delivery across the San Francisco-San Jose metro area, which is key when managing last minute changes to your protocol. You can manage your medication deliveries, watch injection videos, and track your courier in real time with the Alto app.

Choosing the right fertility pharmacy makes all the difference. Learn more about Alto’s approach at alto.com/fertility.


Freedom Fertility Pharmacy exclusively supports patients undergoing fertility treatment and we are committed to the safety and support of our patients. Our pharmacists work in collaboration with your physician to provide the best experience possible. They are available to you as a resource throughout your care. Visit their website here or call 800-660-4283.


MDR is the Nation’s #1 Independent Fertility Pharmacy. We have been offering personalized service and affordable pricing to fertility patients for over 25 years. Based in Encino, California, our pharmacy staff is trained on all aspects of fertility and offers complimentary medication training, insurance verification, financial counseling and free expedited shipping to all of our patients.

Visit their website here or call 1-800-515-3784.