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Pregnancy can be expensive, and those costs only go up when you need additional fertility treatments. It can be daunting to face the potential price-tag of these treatments, and for many families these concerns may cause them to delay their plans to get pregnant even further.

At Laurel Fertility Care, we believe finances should never get in the way of building your dream family.

We have various options that make realizing your dream of starting a family possible. We believe a patient should only get the treatment that fits them, and for that reason we have structured our pricing in the form of a la carte services. If you only need a cycle of Mini IVF, that’s all we will prescribe. If you and your partner need to undergo multiple IVF procedures with a semen analysis and clomid, we will give you an honest assessment of those treatments and the cost. You will never pay extra for services you don’t need. After meeting with one of our physicians, we can custom engineer a program especially for you and your family.

“Okay, we want to start a family but it’s expensive. How do we pay for it?"

This is a common question we get asked by many patients and many are surprised to learn there are options to help pay for treatment. We are happy to offer a number of options to fit your family situation. Our patient financing services for all fertility treatment options have competitive rates, and our Finance Specialist will guide you through the process of selecting the right financing package for you. These programs are designed to eliminate the obstacles to achieving your dream of having a family, through easily affordable loan programs.

While we will work with you choose the best treatments that fit within your budget, we also have several resources you may be able to use to make your fertility treatments more affordable. Below we’ve outlined available options that make realizing your dream of starting a family possible, including: Contracted Insurance, Financial Alternatives, and Suggested Pharmacies.

Contracted Insurance and Fertility Treatment costs Bay Area with Egg Freezing and IVF Procedures

Contracted Insurance

Insurance only covers some infertility benefits but not all that is needed. We have partnered with several programs that provide financing options for treatment. These programs are designed to meet your family’s needs while reducing the financial stress of treatment.

At Laurel Fertility Care, our clinical and patient service teams are focused on your success. We develop every treatment plan specifically for each patient, keeping our goal of pregnancy the priority, while also keeping financial concerns in mind. Still, we understand the financial constraints associated with fertility treatments.

For some, health insurance will help offset some of the costs related to their treatment. Very few patients are restricted in their choice of a fertility specialist by their insurance. You may not be aware that infertility benefits may vary from patient to patient and from provider to provider. Here are a few key points about insurance coverage by major plans to help you manage expectations of coverage. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment of coverage.


Vitrification Egg Freezing an dFertility Treatment Costs Bay Area
  • Approximately 4-7 business days from submission of your paperwork by your referring physician.
  • Predetermination letter may require 30-days.

Before authorization is issued, most plans require:

  • Clinical history including physician notes
  • Blood work, Day-3 FSH, Estradiol
  • Semen analysis
  • X-Ray - saline sonogram or HSG reports.

After the initial consultation, your insurance company may require a new authorization if your treatment plan has changed - for example changing approval for intrauterine implantation to in vitro fertilization or vice versa.

Plans may require patients meet “lesser before greater” treatment criteria for medications, even if procedures have already been approved.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or preimplantation genetic screening may be considered experimental procedures by your insurance company and thus may not be a covered benefit, unless for a specific disease. Therefore, you are responsible for confirming coverage for PGD or PGS. Since insurance benefits vary by employer, it is imperative to take an active role in understanding your benefits as well as any potential out of pocket obligations that you may have before beginning treatment.

We encourage you to call your insurance provider or company benefits manager to check the level of fertility benefits you may have. For patients without coverage, we will work hard to provide solutions to make fertility care accessible.

Our dedicated financial coordinators can help to answer the many questions about costs and insurance coverage. We can help you navigate the complexities and provide some basic guidelines of the financial process. Some plans require additional referrals or authorizations so we recommend that you check your infertility benefits under your specific plan early in the process.

Although we can find out some aspects of your benefits, your insurance company can provide more complete information about your coverage directly to you. Our financial coordinators will then work with you and create a financial plan based on your coverage.

Laurel Fertility Care accepts the following insurance plans:

Fertility Treatment Costs Bay Area and California IVF Cost
  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Brown & Toland (HMO)
  • Cigna Healthcare (PPO & OAP)
  • First Health Network
  • Great West Healthcare (PPO)
  • Healthnet
  • Hills Physicians Medical Group
  • Sutter Select
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare

We are happy to help you with your insurance questions and check eligibility and benefits for you. Please call 415-673-9199 for a courtesy benefit check. Our staff will work with you to help you understand your coverage and benefits.

San Francisco Fertility and IVF San Francisco with Egg Freezing

Financial Alternatives

We understand that choosing the right fertility treatment option can be overwhelming. That’s why we are proud to partner with the programs outlined below to provide affordable payment options.

Lending Club

Don’t let cost be a barrier on your path to parenthood. Discover a more affordable way to pay for your fertility treatment and related care with payment plans offered through LendingClub Patient Solution.

Budget-friendly payment plans offer you:

  • One loan for IVF treatment, medication, genetic testing, or egg preservation
  • A quick and simple online application that leads to an instant decision
  • Visibility to all the monthly payments and rates you prequalifiy for with no impact to your credit until you select a plan and move forward


Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC) Fertility is the nation's largest network of fertility specialists in the US. It is a patient-focused organization that offers every new patient the value of its more than 18 years of experience and the trust it has earned by helping thousands of patients get pregnant.

ARC and its member clinics are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable.

ARC offers a number of affordable options for patients to choose from:

ARC Fertility. (ARC) can provide you with affordable options through financing programs, refund packages, and affordable pharmacy plans.

Vitrification Egg Freezing and Fertility Treatment Costs Bay Area

Fertility Treatment Packages

Fertility Treatments and Fertility Clinic Bay Area with Egg Freezing

The Success

Pharmacy Financing and IVF San Francisco with Bay Area IVF




CapexMD specializes in comprehensive fertility treatment financing options, with customized loan programs to meet your individual needs and help ease the financial stress of fertility care and treatments.

CapexMD specializes in providing patient financing services for all fertility treatment options with an easy loan process and competitive rates. They ensure the financial aspects of treatment are not an obstacle to achieving your dream of a family.

The wide variety of loan options available allow you to attain the necessary financing required to make your treatment affordable, including financing for fertility medications if necessary. Each loan program is designed to fit your individual circumstances and, once approved, we will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure your funds are secured prior to the beginning of your treatment.

Some of the benefits of working with CapexMD include:

  • Specialists in Fertility Financing
  • Personal Attention
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy and Secure Online Application
  • Pre-Approval within 24 hours
  • Flexible Terms
  • Highest Confidentiality
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Retain your existing Credit Sources

Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours!

WINFertility Treatment Program

The WINFertility Treatment Program is offered to Laurel Fertility Care patients who have no infertility insurance coverage or who have exhausted their benefits and seek an efficient, economical way to obtain and pay for advanced fertility treatment.

The WINFertility Program includes both advanced medical treatment and fertility medications in a single, discounted ‘bundled’ price for each cycle. Treatment Bundle Prices for IUI, IVF and Third Party Reproduction are 10% - to 40% less than fee-for-service medical fees and retail pharmacy rates in the San Francisco Bay Area marketplace.

There are no clinical or age requirements to participate. Patients enrolled in the WINFertility Program are treated with the highest quality treatments and services including optimal dosages of required fertility medications to achieve a safe and successful outcome.

There are no clinical or age requirements to participate. Patients enrolled in the WINFertility Program are treated with the highest quality treatments and services including optimal dosages of required fertility medications to achieve a safe and successful outcome.

Some of the benefits of working with WINFertility are:

  • Up to 40% savings on treatment and medication bundles
  • Financing Options to Pay Over Time
  • 24/7 Access to FertilityCoachNurses
  • 2nd Chance IVF® Refund Program

To enroll in the WINFertility Program or learn more, call toll free 1(855) 705-4IVF (4483) or click here


With high co-pays or co-insurance, even patients with covered infertility benefits may need help to pay for their out of pocket expenses. In an effort to make care accessible to all of our patients regardless of their financial situation, we’ve partnered with Parasail to find patient‐friendly payment plans that fit their needs. Parasail has fixed interest rates based on your financial information, no fees, and affordable payment options that can be spread out monthly to fit your budget and ensure that you get the care that you need.

Pharmacy for Fertility Treatments in Bay Area and Fertility Clinic Bay Area

Suggested Pharmacies

Recommended Pharmacies: Find the right source for Fertility Medications

We understand that medications can be a large part of the cost of your fertility treatment. That is why we have partnered with the following specialty pharmacies in order to obtain the most competitive pricing for our patients.

Alto Pharmacy
1400 Tennessee St. #2
San Francisco, California 94107(800) 874-5881

Disco Rex Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
328 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 326-3876

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy
12 Kent Way #120, Byfield, MA 01922
(978) 499-1400

Integrity Rx Specialty Pharmacy
8425 N. 90th Street, Suite 8, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(800) 321-9956

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy
7 Cedar Grove Ln Suite 20, Somerset, NJ 08873(877) 252-0553

MDR Pharmacy
17071 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91316(800) 515-3784

Roxsan Pharmacy
465 N Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 273-1644

Stroheckersrx Pharmacy
2855 SW Patton Road, Suite A
Portland, Oregon 97201
(503) 222-4822

Fertility drug manufacturers also offer discounts for fertility medications to qualifying patients based on income or hardship with discounts on the costs of their medications ranging from 5% up to 75%.

You can learn more about the medication options at the following websites:

Finances should not get in the way of building your dream family, and we will work with you, your insurance, or any of these partnered groups to make the fertility treatments you need fit into your budget. Call us now at 415-673-9199, and we can walk you through the various payment options available to you for your fertility care. Our Finance Specialist can go over a number of insurance/ financing programs and work with you and find the best fit for your individual circumstances. Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours! Interested patients can also speak with one of our Finance Specialist. We are happy to help you with your insurance questions and check eligibility and benefits for you.