Meet the Founders: Posy Fertility App

Technology helps most women and people feel supported during their family-building journey. From ovulation tracking to pregnancy and parenting mobile apps— there are plenty of places to turn to for advice, education, and a welcoming community.

When it comes to support during one’s fertility journey, things look a bit different.

Caitlin and Emily, Founders of Posy Fertility, met as co-workers in the digital media space and became close friends while they both endured their own struggles to grow their families. After years of scans, tests, loss, and multiple rounds of IUI and IVF, both women had experienced the stress and loneliness that often accompanies infertility.

 While confiding in one another, they found themselves equally frustrated by the lack of tools available to keep track of appointments, medications, symptoms and more. They also realized how hard it can be to navigate sharing your journey with friends and family.

“I learned quickly that the problem with telling people you are going through an IUI cycle is…they typically inquire about the outcome. Keeping such a big medical ‘event’ to yourself also felt weird, but I was lucky enough to have Caitlin during this time. Many people have no one,” says Emily.

After Caitlin and Emily both became pregnant after years of fertility treatments, the pair felt even more passionately about teaming up to build a tool for women and families like them.

Emily says she wouldn’t change her unique journey to parenthood. It gave both her and Caitlin the clarity about what was lacking for individuals experiencing infertility— a supportive community, a scheduling tool for appointments, a glossary of resources and FAQs, and a supportive environment for questions, stories and more.

“As brutal and unfair as it felt going through it, I wouldn’t change my path to motherhood. It gave me an appreciation for my sweet husband, my friends and family, and the privilege I once took for granted with access to decent insurance, a flexible work schedule, and a lack of more serious physical barriers,” says Emily, “On top of that, it inspired Posy.”

Laurel Fertility Care is proud to partner with Posy Fertility and provide personalized support throughout the journey to growing your dreams! If you are interested in participating in our partnership program, please contact us at info@laurelfertility.com.