May Baby of the Month – Meet Ethan

In 2015 we were blessed with our first daughter. We conceived without complications, after only a month. When it came time for our second, it never crossed our minds that things would be different. But when one month turned into six months, and then turned into a year of negative pregnancy tests, we sought help.  

Our four year journey began with two failed IVF cycles with a different center, we tried using an egg donor and also tried Chinese herbs and acupuncture. However, it wasn’t until we met Dr. Smikle at Laurel Fertility Care that I really felt like we had found someone who understood our journey. He really took the time to dive into the whole story with us, and explore all the different possibilities with realism and care. And this was the first center I went to where I didn’t feel like a cog in a wheel — this is a place where the whole team really cares about you as a person.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to try one last IVF cycle with Dr. Smikle and Laurel Fertility Care. Even during a pandemic, I felt so comfortable, safe and taken care of. And as they say, “it only takes one” — our single viable embryo has now become our precious baby boy, Ethan! And our first, Vivian, is so overjoyed to be a big sister and even wrote him his own lullaby from her. 

We would highly recommend anyone who is considering support with fertility to work with Laurel! It’s not just about getting the science right, but also the care for the whole person — and they do it so well.