Laurel Fertility Care Protocol Safeguards Patients from IVF Laboratory Mistakes

In light of the recent news regarding the mishandling of genetic materials by a California fertility clinic, we want to reassure our patients that we do not take for granted the trust that each of you have placed in us as you work towards your dreams of starting or growing a family.

The identity of all genetic materials is verified during each step of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, and our highly trained team does not perform any procedure without indisputably accurate documentation.

The Laurel Fertility Care laboratory follows a thorough chain of custody procedure that requires all specimens to be identified by each staff member involved in the handling of the materials. A record is maintained for each specimen that is processed by our laboratory’s embryologists, and an unbroken chain of custody is required throughout each patient’s treatment cycle.

Prior to procedures such as insemination, the freezing or thawing of embryos, and the transfer of sperm or embryos, dual identity verification is required by two embryologists. Prior to an IVF transfer— the final step in the IVF process— identity confirmation is required again by Laurel Fertility Care embryologists, medical assistants and the patient’s physician.

Our team members follow rigid protocol to ensure the accuracy of information and the safety of samples, and our clinic has never experienced a discrepancy in genetic identification. In the instance of any discrepancies, all procedures would come to a halt.

All patients are encouraged to contact us at (415) 673-9199 with any questions about the precautions taken when handling genetic materials.