IVF Surrogacy

In the past, women who were unable to carry a pregnancy successfully, had repeated miscarriages, were unable to carry a pregnancy due to medical complications, or who had no uterus were not able to parent. These special situations may prevent the woman from carrying a pregnancy but may not prevent her from creating her family. Couples may use a “third party”, a gestational surrogate, to carry the fetus and to achieve a successful pregnancy. More specifically, surrogacy is a solution for women who have had a hysterectomy and therefore do not have a uterus to carry a child, have a uterus but cannot carry a child due to uncorrectable anatomic issues or when carrying a child would be a danger to the biological mother’s health. Surrogacy using donor eggs is also the solution for men desiring a biological child.

The first step in the process of IVF Surrogacy is for the couple to choose a surrogate and complete the screening and legal processes involved. Eggs are then harvested from the biological mother (or obtained from an egg donor), fertilized in our laboratory with the male partner’s sperm, and then transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Laurel Fertility Care understands that IVF surrogacy is a big commitment from all involved and can provide referrals to reputable agencies providing screened surrogates. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss if surrogacy is the right solution for you.