Infertility Unfiltered

Real Talk. Real Support. Real Healing.

Laurel Fertility Care and Infertility Unfiltered are proud to partner together to provide our patients with access to Infertility Unfiltered’s support series completely free.

No matter the stage fo your journey, we invite you to join us virtually, once a week for 90 minutes to be a part of an intimate-sized group of women who have shared experiences and offer each other unconditional support, empowering information and positivity.

Our Programs

 Journey To Motherhood

A six-week program designed specifically for women struggling with infertility who do not currently have any living children.

Infertility As A Mother

A six-week program designed specifically for women trying to conceive who currently have a child or children and are struggling with infertility.

Donor Conception

An eight-week program designed for intended parents or parents via donor conception (pursuing or have pursued donor eggs, donor sperm or donor embryo).

Pregnancy & Life After Baby

A six-week program designed for women who struggled with primary or secondary infertility who recently gave birth to a child or children or are currently pregnant.

Optimizing Your Fertility

A six-week program designed for women struggling with infertility at any stage who are looking for ways to optimize their fertility with holistic and natural remedies.

Laurel Fertility Care is dedicated to ensuring all of our patients find the support they need as they go through treatment. We now offer as part of our treatment, at no cost to our patients, the support they need!

We encourage patients to get involved in the opportunity to meet those who share similar experiences, gain insight from them, and find more emotional support.

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