How Much Does a Donor Egg Cost?

To help alleviate some of the confusion surrounding donor eggs and what the process entails, Laurel Fertility Care is here to provide you with some helpful insights into what you can expect to face. Nothing should prevent you from having the family of your dreams, and preparing yourselves for any obstacles along the way will ensure that you’re ready for anything.

Why Donor Eggs are Important

Before examining the potential cost of a donor egg, something important to understand is why donor eggs are crucial to the development of new family units.

Research shows that women over the age of 40 may choose to utilize a donor egg to avoid any possible complications that come along with giving birth later in life. In addition, women who experience primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), menopausediminished ovarian reserves, or genetic diseases may rely on donor eggs to achieve a healthy pregnancy for themselves or with a surrogate. In some cases, women may also freeze their own eggs during a healthy time in their life and use them years later once they find the right partner to conceive with.

No matter what the circumstances may be, the advancements surrounding donor eggs has allowed for some incredible stories to unfold. Both heterosexual and gay couples have found success with donor eggs, and knowing what progress can be made allows for a more open-minded acceptance of standard procedures and final price points.

Average Cost of a Donor Egg and Course of Action

Once you and your partner are ready to move forward, the next thing to examine is the course of action that purchasing a donor egg requires.

First off, a hopeful couple will locate a surrogate or donor egg agency to help them choose the right candidate. These entities typically have databases of healthy donors complete with photos, videos, and background information to give you a strong idea of who they are and what your child may look like in the future. After an egg donor is selected, an agency representative will correspond with the candidate and confirm their availability.

At this stage, certain medical records and exams must be taken into consideration, such as a recent pap smear (within 12 months) and their current cycles. Once these parameters are determined, a formal agreement between the parties can be created. However, further medical testing may be necessary in order to complete the process.

According to West Coast Egg Donation, the following points (in relation to the procedures above) must be considered when attempting to calculate an average total cost:

  • Donor egg fees
  • Agency fees
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Travel expenses for the donor
  • Legal fees
  • Medical fees
  • Fertility doctor consultation

Altogether, the average cost of a donor egg ranges between $20,000 and $40,000. This includes the varying costs of the above procedures, although something to keep in mind is that prices may increase when purchasing donor eggs in the state of California. This is due to the high demand of egg donors and those searching for surrogate options. To stay informed about any fluctuating rates and regulations, this site will give you a rundown of each state’s guidelines and positions on surrogacy.

Now that you have an understanding of potential costs, it’s important to not let the totals sway you from following through with the decision. Depending on what agency you work with, there may be financing options available to you that can relieve the monetary stress. Plus, having the guidance of industry professionals will help you stay relaxed throughout any uncertainties.

Laurel Fertility Care Offers You Support

Following through with a gestational surrogacy or donor egg pregnancy doesn’t have to be a daunting experience to endure. Instead, you and your partner can rest assured knowing that a team of specialists is ready and willing to support you and your needs.

Laurel Fertility Care is a leading fertility clinic in California, specializing in a variety of treatment options and procedures. Our team of experts will assist you every step of the way, providing information and advice for any of your questions regarding donor eggs, in vitro fertilization (IVF), or egg freezing.

More than anything, we want you to know that you have a support system you can trust. If you’re interested in learning more about donor eggs, schedule an appointment with a doctor or sign up for a free phone consultation.

The family you’ve always wanted is certainly attainable, so take charge and start preparing for the future.