Egg Preservation

Fertility preservation for sperm has been around for some time and for embryos for over 10 years. No longer considered experimental, egg freezing has been performed successfully for some time and Dr. Marlane Angle, has been a leader in this endeavor. Egg (oocyte) freezing is available for women facing a number of life circumstances. Egg freezing can be done for women undergoing cancer treatments; women who want preserve their eggs now to have a better chance for having a baby in the future, couples uncomfortable with freezing too many embryos and emergency situations during an IVF cycle when her partner can’t produce a specimen.

Egg freezing is a modification of techniques used successfully for embryo freezing. Although slow cooling has been used in the past, scientific evidence suggest that vitrification is superior. Most programs now use vitrification where the eggs are exposed to solutions to help them survive the freezing process are plunged directly into liquid nitrogen and stored at -190◦C. Laurel Fertility Care’s Laboratory Director, Marlane Angle, PhD., uses vitrification techniques to cryopreserve all of the embryos that are frozen at Laurel Fertility Care and has traveled extensively around the world teaching other embryologists how to perform vitrification.

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