IUI Procedure: What to Expect

When a couple is facing infertility or a woman without a partner wants to get pregnant, there are different fertility treatments that can help. The most common is intrauterine insemination (IUI), often referred to as artificial insemination.  In IUI, sperm is transferred directly into the uterus. Because there is no egg retrieval or fertilization outside […]

How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Preconception health is the term used to describe your health before you get pregnant. Not only can having optimal preconception health increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it will also contribute to the health of your future child. Here are a few highlights on how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Can Fibroids Affect Your Fertility?

When it comes to infertility, there can be a variety of causes, and often there is more than one factor in play. If you are trying to cover all of your bases to determine what the problem may be, and therefore how to treat it, you are probably trying to learn all you can about […]

Are Fertility Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Pregnancy is already expensive on its own, and adding fertility treatments to the mix does not make matters easier. You know you want to have a family, but you may be unsure of how you can afford to make it happen. We believe that cost should never be a barrier to trying for the family […]

A Statement Regarding Safety Protocols for Fertility Treatments

Early this week, a couple in Ohio announced a lawsuit claiming a stranger’s sperm was used to create an embryo as opposed to the husbands when the couple underwent in vitro fertilization. This heartbreaking incident is the second time in the last month embryo mix-ups have made national headlines. The incident in July involved embryos […]

Am I a Candidate for Mini IVF?

If you are struggling with infertility, you have probably asked your fertility specialist about many different types of fertility treatments. You might have even done research on them. But you may not be aware of minimal stimulation IVF, which is more commonly referred to as mini IVF.

4 Common Misconceptions About IVF Treatment

If you are at all familiar with fertility treatments, whether from personal experience, knowing someone who used one, or just hearing about them in the media, you have probably heard of in vitro fertilization (IVF). In vitro fertilization is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive treatments.

Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

Are you a younger woman who is sure she wants children but can’t imagine having them now? Or are you facing an illness that may render you unable to have biological children but would like to preserve that chance? Then you might want to look into freezing your eggs. In recent years this has become […]

5 Things to Avoid When You’re Trying to Conceive

Any time the decision is made to add a member to the family, it is more than reasonable to expect that a few (or maybe more) lifestyle changes will need to occur. What often gets overlooked is the lifestyle changes that need to occur while trying to conceive in the first place.