Baby of the Month

November Baby of the Month – Meet Sanai

When I met my husband, I was a divorced mother of 4 boys. My husband knew I had no interest in having any more children and yet he still wanted to take the for-life challenge. He went from being a bachelor to stepdad in a matter of months.

After 4 years of watching him be the best stepdad, I told him I wanted to promote him to dad. He was overjoyed and agreed. We then started to research our options. After visiting quite a few centers for IVF we finally found Laurel. It was Dr. Ekpo, her genuinely warm caring personality who made us feel comfortable and treated us like family not another number. Dr. Ekpo was always honest with treatment options and personal opinions always leaving the final decision to us. Her main concern was my health due to maternal age. I previously had a failed tubal reversal procedure then to find that my husband had an extremely low sperm count. At 46 I knew my age and egg quality was a major factor.

 After all the prep work and testing, I was cleared by my family care physician to proceed with IVF. It took multiple trips to the lab, self-administered shots, and tears but through it all I had a caring supportive husband. The nursing staff at Laurel were always an email away and always responsive, sometimes even acting as support counselors. It was all worth it! 

We are now parents to a beautiful little girl. Our precious Sanai arrived on 1/24/20 at 37 weeks. She weighed 5lbs 14oz and 21.5″.  Now we have a thriving little lady who loves cuddles, books, and music. She is the center of her 4 older brothers world. She was named by my husband with the help of the guys (her brothers). This little girl has her own set of Avengers to take care of her. 

Thank you to Dr. Ekpo and Laurel for going on this journey with us, for turning a dream into reality!