Average Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

On average, a couple can spend anywhere between $60,000 and $120,000 depending on what fertility treatments they choose to take, and an IVF makes up a substantial chunk of this price tag when considering the cost of individual attempts. The bottom line is that if you and your partner aren’t prepared for these expenses, achieving a complication-free pregnancy can be tough.

Laurel Fertility Care is here to support you along the way, giving you all the information you need to ensure that you’re ready for the road ahead.

To give you an idea of what you and your partner can expect to invest, here are a few things to consider when calculating the average cost of an IVF:

Overall Pricing of an IVF

It’s important to distinguish that the overall price of an IVF doesn’t just include the operation itself. Instead, couples must consider additional procedures and medications that comprise the final cost. For example, the list below outlines the sequence of events that a couple will experience throughout the process.

  • Initial consultations and health checkups to ensure successful procedures
  • Purchasing medications to prepare for ovulation induction (producing more than 1 egg per menstrual cycle)
  • Egg retrieval and additional medical costs for the procedure itself
  • Egg transfer and storage in a laboratory for fertilization with semen sample
  • Transferring healthy embryos into the uterus, with the choice to freeze other healthy embryos for future use

As you can imagine, following through with these steps allow for many variables that can incur additional costs. Multiple visits and consultations, prescribed medications and injections, and other preemptive procedures (such as a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) can start to add up quickly.

Altogether, the national average cost of an IVF per cycle sits around $12,000. However, this price does not include medications, additional procedures, egg freezing costs, and multiple consultations. Essentially, one attempt at an IVF could equal a total of $20,000.

With that in mind, some states may charge more for their services since fertility treatments are in higher demand. For instance, California boasts a price tag of $15,000 on average for a single IVF cycle, putting even more financial strain on a tender situation.

Although the affordability can seem overwhelming, there are options available to you that can lead to successful pregnancies or at least a better capability of managing your efforts. Remember, if a solid plan of action can be put in place, hopeful couples can eliminate their risk of failure and maximize their pregnancy odds before jumping to an IVF.

Possible Alternatives to an IVF

Certain considerations must first be made for a couple trying to get pregnant to better identify their fertility challenges. Factors such as age, personal health, diet, lifestyle choices, and family history play major roles in determining one’s chances of a having a child, and understanding these parameters is often the first line of defense when battling infertility.

Something else to consider is that fertility issues can stem from a variety of conditions that are treatable. For women, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis are examples of disorders affecting reproductive organs that prevent pregnancy. For men, varicocele or low sperm production are problems that can arise. The fact is that battling with infertility doesn’t necessarily have to lead to an IVF.

By visiting with a fertility specialist, you can discuss your issues and find alternatives that are both helpful and cost effective.

Aside from pinpointing your exact problems through a consultation or checkup, there are many benefits to natural fertility treatments that you can implement on your own. Since most fertility issues are related to hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, being proactive about your health could be the deciding factor that leads you to the family you’ve always wanted.

Laurel Fertility Care Gives You Options

Regardless of what your situation may entail, Laurel Fertility Care is here to help you throughout process and offer flexible financing options to assist with affordability. Our team of fertility experts will review your case and choose the best treatment plan to meet your needs.

In addition, we want you to know that we have your financial foundation in mind. This means that exploring all options is the first priority, rather than jumping right to an IVF or other advanced procedures. If the time comes where an IVF is necessary, then we will give you a step-by-step breakdown of the treatment, offering you the assistance of a financial specialist who will guide you through your budget.

Through professional resources, contracted insurance carriers, and specialty loan programs, you can find comfort knowing that your dream of starting a family is entirely possible. 

More than anything, it’s important to know that you’re not alone during your journey. Our team is standing by, ready to be of service, so to learn more about what Laurel Fertility Care has to offer, schedule a phone consultation with us today.