A Message on Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

From Laurel Fertility Care Medical Director, Dr. Collin Smikle

“We are deeply dismayed and concerned for several reasons about the landmark decision made by the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade. This is not just a restriction on reproductive rights. Many may think that this has to do with only abortions, but reproductive rights start well before that— even at the point of conception.

As a fertility clinic, one of our concerns is that this decision may further abridge women’s rights to plan their family, and that is what we are all about!

We try to help men, women, couples and people build their families. Our concern is for those who are going through treatment and that this law may now start to restrict their choice to go through assisted reproduction of any kind.

This impacts our patients in a lot of different ways; we have already had patients who have asked about it, specifically around surrogacy. Patients are concerned about what their choices will be: where do they go? Can they feel comfortable and travel for their family building? 

LFC is fortunate that our clinic resides in a state where a women’s right to choose and parent is honored, as well as all aspects of reproductive care.  

California was the first state to recognize gay marriage and the first to recognize same sex couples. We want to ensure our patients that this is a safe space, a safe state. Because of this, the number of people coming to Calfornia for treatment may increase.”

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Resolve: https://resolve.org/resolve-statement-supreme-court-dobbs-decision/
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