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Our team of fertility specialists wants to make the process simple, successful, and affordable for our patients. Since 2005, we have worked with single parents, heterosexual and gay couples in over 15 countries and helped them to bring over 1,000 babies into the world. Check out our top fertility clinics!

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Friends say I just need to relax and I will get pregnant
My gyno told me that I don’t regularly ovulate.
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Struggling to get pregnant can be frustrating and overwhelming. You are not alone - as many as 1 in 7 couples have difficulty conceiving.

Our team of fertility experts is here to answer all of your questions. Let's start by identifying your most telling symptoms and any fertility roadblocks that they might indicate. 

Find the Source of Your Infertility With A  Symptoms Checklist


We felt so comfortable the staff was amazing got great news and are ready to start our journey.  Dr. Smikle was absolutely great can't wait for the process to begin and we are so hopeful and have faith he has our best interest at heart and cannot wait.   Love Dr. Smikle and the staff we would absolutely recommend this fertility Clinic.
— Valerie V., April 19, 2017
We were referred to Laurel by two friends with IVF babies in arms. We liked Dr. Ekpo's direct, kind and wise manner right away --and felt like we were in competent hands. The clinic is small and personalized, but professional. We had one scary moment in the process over a weekend, and the Laurel team got back to us immediately with great advice. Two weeks ago we had our little girl.
— Natalie F., December 4, 2017