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"Dr. Smikle is a caring, companionate and understanding Doctor. We feel fortunate to have found him through referrals. My husband & I went through two treatments with him and the final results were a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We are elated. I would highly recommend him. He truly cares for his patients & is sensitive with their individual needs.  If I go through another cycle in the future, he would be the guy I would use again."

Sharo P., March 23, 2016

Initially we chose Laurel due to our OB recommendation and their great statistics in SF. Right after the first visit, we realized we made the correct choice for us.
Dr. Smiikle is the absolute BEST. With years of experience, relaxing confidence, compassion and guidance, he led us through the most challenging times in our fertility journey, with a great team behind him.  We warmly recommend Laurel Fertility Care to anyone who inquires. We look forward to visiting him soon with our boy/girl twins due in two weeks :-)

Karin C., March 22, 2016

“If you are reading this review then my heart goes out to you for what you going through. Fertility issues are a very emotional and sensitive subject - it's not an easy process. With that being said, I am so grateful that I chose Laurel Fertility Clinic.

I went for consultations at other fertility clinics in SF and was basically told that my chances to get pregnant were less than 5% even with IVF. The other clinic recommended that I should do IVF just so "I didn't regret not doing it." It was heartbreaking and insensitive. On the other hand, my consultation with Dr. Smikle was informative, reassuring, and honest. He gave me hope throughout the entire process, but with realistic expectations. He took his time during every appointment to go over what was happening so that I felt comfortable with the process and the decisions being made.

I completed 2 rounds of IVF (both that produced viable embryos). This was beyond my expectations. Throughout the entire process Dr. Smikle was calm, caring, and sympathetic to my emotions and fears. I found him to be a great physician that was able to produce an outcome that other fertility doctors in SF told me wasn't possible.

The office is more of a "mom and pop" style, but with that you get staff that knows who you and cares about you- you aren't just another patient. I had a lot of questions along the way (again the process is daunting and scary), but I found the staff to be receptive and helpful. Don't kid yourself - you need to stay on top of your treatment. You will need to do this no matter which clinic you chose.

Overall, my husband and I had a great experience with Laurel Fertility Clinic. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Smikle. He is an amazing doctor, but also a quality, caring person. His expertise has changed my life. I felt a deep connection to his staff and truly believed that they were fully invested in the success of my treatment. I would definitely recommend Laurel Fertility Clinic to my friends and family.”

Kathryn S., January 21, 2016.


“I have had an amazing experience with egg freezing at Laurel Fertility. The nurses and staff are caring and kind, and they take the time to get to know you. Because the clinic is small, there is a feeling that they really care about each patient. Nurse Donna is sweet, helpful and responsive. She took extra care showing me how to do my injections and giving over the calendar with me. The medical assistant Mirleni is friendly and sweet, as is the office assistant Graciela.

I was thrilled with the level of care and communication from Dr. Ekpo! She is clearly smart and competent, and she explained things to me well and straightforwardly. These processes are organic and there is only so much you can predict. She gave me good information and her "bedside manner" is a great combination of competent and caring.

Results from fertility treatments are never certain. No one knows what the results will truly be. My body responded well to the process, and I am certainly thrilled with what I was able to bank in order to start a family someday. That being said, even if my results were less stellar, I would be writing this same review. The level of care, concern, and professional expertise is all that the clinic can PROMISE. And they fulfilled that promise very well.

I will do another round of egg retrieval and freezing in a few months, and I'm very glad I chose Laurel and prepaid for a second round. Best of luck in your hopes for a family!”

Abby S. 11/10/2015


Dr. Smikle and his staff provided us with a wonderful experience in helping us grow our family. After being told by another fertility specialist that we had less than a 1 percent chance of becoming pregnant through IVF and even less of a chance naturally, we were devastated beyond words. Then we decided to seek a second opinion with Dr. Smikle, and he immediately negated those statistics. He is a calm and serious doctor who will get the results a patient is seeking. A man of few words but tremendous actions is how I would describe this fabulous doctor! I am ecstatic to say we are 8 weeks pregnant with twins! If you give Dr. Smikle a chance to help you through this sensitive time, you will not regret it!

Nix B, California City


I did a lot of research in choosing a fertility clinic. Laurel Fertility was the best choice for us and we are sure glad we did. This place has been nothing but great to us. They really make it comfortable and personal. If I ever had any questions they were quickly answered. We worked with Dr. Smikle. He has such a great knowledge, and dedication to his work. He and the rest of the staff know u by name and are always helpful and friendly. We are in the waiting period of our IVF treatment. We had 3 healthy embryos transferred 4 days ago. This is the hardest part is the wait till blood test but still the clinic is so comforting and supportive through it all.

Desiree M, Copperopolis CA


Dr. Smikle and his team at Laurel Fertility are wonderful! After many years of being unable to conceive and not understanding why, my husband and I decided to seek fertility treatment, and the first and last place we checked out was at Laurel. I initially attended a free seminar to learn about the clinic and was greeted with a very warm and caring staff who made me feel at ease with learning and understanding what I was going through.

Laurel always felt like a very personal experience, it was nice to see the same faces during every visit. We never had to endure any unnecessary tests or treatments. Every appointment didn't feel rushed. We felt we could take our time and ask the many questions we had. Dr. Smikle and his assistants were always patient, listened and gave highly knowledgeable advice and next steps for our treatments.

Medication was personalized according to how my body responded and it was so helpful being able to contact Dr. Smikle with pressing questions after-hours. Dr. Smikle always worked hard at ensuring I was comfortable and reassuring us that we would get pregnant; which we currently are and are expecting

MC R, San Francisco, CA


This place is amazing and I went to two other fertility clinics previously that I did not like. This place was positive and optimistic about my chances even though I was 43 years old. Previous places had been so negative and horrible about it like I was a crazy person for even thinking I had a chance to get pregnant. And I GOT PREGNANT here!!!! They worked with me and let me do natural IUI's and did not treat me like I was crazy. I got pregnant on the first one. Have a 1.5 month old beautiful baby girl now.

I believe this place is the reason why. I cannot recommend it enough. All of the doctors were amazing.

Anne M, San Francisco, CA

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